Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Potty Training, Yuck!

For the past few days we have been trying to work with Parker on using the potty. She had been doing a really great job of just sitting on the potty and saying she went. She had been just sitting on the potty at school too. On Friday, I had her on the potty before she went to bed and all of the sudden she went! I was going nuts then Jeff was going nuts. We were giving her candy before bed and we didn't even care! So we have continued putting her on the potty and slowly but surely she will potty every now and then. We aren't pooping in the potty but we are getting there. Today we were home sick and I made sure to put her on every thirty minutes or so and she had used the potty 4 times today! She didn't have an accident until nap time and when she pooped but she sure wasn't happy about that one! We are slowly but surely getting there. We aren't in panties yet, Hannah, but we are getting there! I'm so proud of you Parker!!

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