Monday, December 20, 2010

Christ Lutheran Christmas Program

Christ Lutheran had a Christmas program for the P3-2nd grade classes last week. Parker had been practicing her songs at school and singing them for us at home, occasionally. She was very excited to show us her program and she even had a cute little Christmas outfit to go with it. The program was very entertaining, especially with preschoolers front and center. Parker had a hard time keeping her dress down, focusing on singing and not staring at us and staying on the riser, WHERE SHE BELONGED! All in all, it was very cute and the kids did a wonderful job. Parker, you were by far the PRETTIEST snowflake there. 

Christmas Crafts

The first of this month, Jeff and I stayed with the King kids while Cinnamon had some much needed rest. I was given tickets to make some Christmas crafts, so Parker, Kalayna and myself made a quick trip to Little Rock to enjoy some of the festivities. Santa was on the premises, but he was also a big long wait which we had to politely decline. Parker and Kalayna were able to make a gingerbread house, cupcake, ornament and a tambourine. The girls had a great time and had already decided by the time we were in car, that we were going again next year!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Unfortunately, I didn't take ANY pictures during our Thanksgiving trip to De Queen. I take that back. I took one picture. I will share in a bit. This year was a little different for us due to most of Jeff's family making the trip to Illinois to visit Grandma Cinnamon. So, our brood traveled down to De Queen to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I was in charge of the cooking this year which was scary but turned out wonderful. Jeff also experienced his first actual hunting trip with my family and he survived which was a very good thing! There was a bit wandering down memory lane one night where my siblings and I gathered all of our letter jackets and had a little photo sessions. I will share the lovely picture that we took.

 Yes we are all nerdy but we are proud of our nerdiness!!
We ended up lounging around and eating too much but we had a great time. I am sure when we return for Christmas it will be just as entertaining.