Sunday, September 19, 2010

1st Day of School

Parker started a new preschool this year at Christ Lutheran in Little Rock and she was very excited to begin her first day and get back in the groove of going to school. She had been out of the routine for quite some time and we were scared that she would begin to regress throughout the summer. She had her outfit picked out, backpack packed and was ready to head on her way. Here were a few pictures that I took and she requested to wear her shades for them.

DHS Class of 2000

I know you can all hardly believe it but I am actually old enough to have a ten year reunion. Those of us who were working hard to prepare the reunion weren't sure if we would even have enough to make one happen. We had a day reunion with our family at Cossatot Reefs and it was a pretty good turn out and everyone's kids were able to get in the water and play. Parker had a great time making some new friends and seeing some old friends. It was quite interesting to see some of our classmates in parent mode. I'm sure that they felt the same way about Jeff and I!

 These were the only pictures that I took.
I know everyone was ready to really catch up later that night without all the children, whom we were all happy to get rid of for a few hours. It was really great to see some people that I haven't seen since maybe graduation. We had a great time talking and catching up and hopefully I don't have to wait another ten years before I see everyone again.

Happy Birthday America!

We spent Fourth of July with Jeff's parents this year and had a great time setting off fireworks. We also watched some fireworks on the lake with Uncle Jon and "Uncle" Julie. Parker had such a fun time with the sparklers even though they still scare her a bit.

On the Lake

During one of our visits with Uncle and "Uncle" Julie, we went out on the boat so Parker and the girls could swim. Considering this was very early in the summer, I don't remember much about the trip :).

Finally Catching Back Up!

I hate that I have been extremely behind on my blogging, but..... there has been a multitude of things going on in our lives such as moving, new jobs and lack of time. This blog will try and catch everyone up but the following blogs will give you some flashbacks about some of the things we have done throughout the summer.

To start off our adventure, Jeff graduated with his degree in Accounting and we both began our job search in the Northwest Arkansas area. After a while, he interviewed with Department of Finance and Administration in Little Rock and was offered the job, so off we went. Throughout the month of June, I was taking classes for the Non Traditional Licensure program so I could also get a job. We made the trip down to Conway towards the end of June and were graciously allowed to stay with Jeff's parents until we found a place to live and I found a job!

Towards the end of June, I was blessed with a few interviews one for Pine Bluff and one for a Little Rock school. I was offered the position in Pine Bluff and knew I had to take it but sadly I was also offered the position in Little Rock but just a few days too late. Hopefully next year, I can get closer to home. Parker started her new school at Christ Lutheran in August and she seems to really love it so far. I also started school in August and it has gone really well so far. I am constantly learning and hope to improve as the year goes on. We finally decided on a place to live in Bryant and have enjoyed it so far. We have had such a busy summer and the changes have caused a lot of adjustments for us. We are slowly getting back into the groove of things which has been a tremendous relief!! Hope that catches everyone up on us!