Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DeQueen and Other

While Parker was in DeQueen, I took a picture or two. Lacey, I thought I would post this for you since you haven't yet mastered the camera and computer together! :) There are also some pictures of Lacey's daughter, Presli.

Forgot these pics!

There were a couple of pictures of me and Parker and Jeff and Parker and I forgot to post them! Still cloudy but oh well.

Happy Easter

This Easter we celebrated in Conway with Jeff and his family. We had a wonderful time but the visit wasn't very long. Having to work around Jeff's work and school schedule is hard sometimes. It was great to see everyone and attend church. It was the first time we had taken Parker to the nursery during church so it was nice to actually enjoy the service! Parker tried to hunt eggs but she tried to take them out of her basket instead of putting them in. She was super cute though and seemed to have a good time. Our camera was taking cloudy pictures on Sunday so they don't look all that great but pictures none the less.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weekend in Eureka

After Parker's party Saturday, she went back to stay with my parents and Jeff and I left for Eureka to spend a few days together. We had a blast and did a lot of stuff. Pivot Rock and Natural Land Bridge, Observation Tower (which was scary), Onyx Cave, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, Crescent Ghost Tour (it isn't scary) and we saw the Blue Springs and went to Pea Ridge on the way home. So we had a pretty full weekend but it was great. We took some great pictures and enjoyed our time together.

On top of the observation tower
Jeff in the Onyx Cave

Me in front of the "fireplace"

Parker's Birthday Party

Parker with the cake
ripping some gifts
are you talking to me?

Boni and Emma
Hannah and Parker

Jeff and Parker pre-party

Saturday we had Parker's birthday party and it was a lot of fun. Boni, Emma and Hannah came as well as my parents. The amount of people was just right. Parker got a lot of gifts but she had more fun tearing up the paper and trying to eat it. I was glad to see everyone. Emma seemed to be really excited to give Parker her Minnie Mouse doll but I think she wants us to bring it back for her party, lol. The cake part was interesting. She stuck her fingers in it and it was over from there. She had it all over her face, tray and table. It was great though. I had a really great time and I can't believe she is already 1. Hopefully next year will be just as fun.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Some more birthday pics

She now will sleep anywhere and in any position!!

Oh, this is interesting

I sure love my dad!

She loves her school bus!

These are just a few of the pictures that I took on Parker's birthday. I will have some more up after her party this weekend. I can't wait! It is tomorrow! Birthday cake here we come.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker!

Well, today is Parker's first birthday and I can hardly believe it. One year has gone by so incredibly fast. To think that I was in labor this day last year. I kind of miss it. She also had her year check up today and everything went well except for those dreaded shots! They were out of two of the shots so we will have to get those when we go back for her 15 month check up. Everything looked good especially her ears which we were worried about after having tubes put it. They both looked great and I'm happy to hear that. Things have been much better since her operation.
Some specifics about Parker:
Weight: 21 lbs
Height: 30 1/4 inches long
Head Circumference: 18

Eating: Anything and Everything! As of last night, she will have no more bottles. She had some muffins and milk and went to bed. She did great and slept all night long.
Sleeping: This is the tricky area. She has had a rough time with sleeping since we rock her to bed and etc. Last night, we took the plunge and put her to bed drowsy and angry, :). She cried for about 20 minutes or so and finally put herself to sleep. I was very worried that it would be much worse but it wasn't. I just hope we can keep it up. I can't wait to throw out the bottles and formula!
Developmental: She is walking, talking/gibberish, waves bye-bye, blows kisses, pat-a-cake and attempts at itsy bitsy spider. She loves for me and Jeff to read books to her. She is really loving the Dr. Seuss ABC book she has and always wants one of us to read it to her.

Saturday we are having her birthday party and I'm super excited for it. We got her some great gifts and I can't wait to see her plow into her birthday cake. It will be great. I took some pictures of her on her first birthday so everyone can see and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Some Great Pics!

I thought I would post some pretty new pictures of us all. Enjoy!