Sunday, August 25, 2013

"First Day of School!" "First Day of School!"

It is that time again. Back to school we all go. We were all dreading it but secretly excited about it as well. I love spending time at home with the girls but I'm a working person, and I love being a teacher so the teaching bug was hitting me again. Something different happened around our house in order to prepare for the first week back. Caroline stayed with my parents in DeQueen. Last year she was a little too young to stay but this year it was perfect. It enabled us to really get into the groove and figure all of our schedules out for the week. Never mind the fact that I was BEYOND EXHAUSTED! I had a little extra time to get my energy back before my smallest angel returned. Parker also really enjoyed just hanging out with mom and dad and being taken to school 1st. Who knew the order that you were dropped off was that important? I sure didn't.

Sunday after we dropped off Caroline with my parents, we came back through Hot Springs and decided to kind of "hang out" for a few hours. We drove down town, looked around, went up the look out tower (not sure what to call it), checked out some of the hot springs, which Parker had never seen or touched, and talked about coming back to spend the night at The Arlington. We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed back home to get prepared for our first day of school. We picked out outfits, painted nails, showered, and just relaxed a bit. Now to try and get some sleep before our big day!

Parker was pretty eager to get up and get dressed, eat breakfast,and all the morning rigamoroll (yes, it is a word). I was so optimistic that this would be our attitude in the mornings. (Proved wrong on morning 2.) Everyone was ready to go on time and Parker was so excited that daddy was taking her to school the first day so that mommy could get to school a little earlier and get some last minute preparations taken care of! Now to some first day shots!

Daddy wasn't sure why he had to take a picture since it wasn't his first day.