Monday, March 22, 2010


I was prepared for a little bit of snow on Saturday and Sunday but not this!! By far the craziest thing ever at the end of March. Hopefully, we are finished with the snow. I.Am.Over.It!

Playing with Bourne

Saturday night, Parker and I went to my friend Shannon's house and let Parker play with her son Bourne. We were able to eat dinner and have a great time talking. Parker was able to play with Bourne for hours and we hardly ever heard a peep from them. It was really nice and needed. Thanks Shannon and Brett for letting us come over!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playing with the Williamson Girls

We had such a busy day yesterday. Parker and I went to Gentry to see the animals and then came home for just a  quick rest before we heading over to see Boni and the girls. They were finally able to get together and play. The girls played for a while inside, we ordered and ate some pizza and then the girls were able to go outside and jump on the trampoline. I'm glad we were able to get some play time in before today, which is rainy and yucky! Can't wait to do it again. Later today we are heading to my friend Shannon's so that we can have another play date!

The Gentry Safari

Yesterday was such a nice day that I wanted to take Parker to the Gentry Safari since she hasn't been since last year. Each year she enjoys the trip more and more. It was just she and I so it was really a special day to have mommy all to herself. She mainly excited about sitting in the front seat while we drove through the safari. She enjoyed watching all of the animals walk up to the car and watch them eat our bread we were throwing. She loved to watch the Emus sprint across the field as soon as they saw bread flying out of our car. I loved watching her watch and interact with the animals. Too cute! She was able to see a baby bear, baby monkey, big monkeys and all kinds of different animals. She really loved the baby goats and wanted to touch a baby kangaroo so bad! It was such a great day that ended with a pony ride and a camel ride.

Parker's 3rd Birthday

I can hardly believe that Parker is already 3 going on 16 years old. My baby is growing up on me. Her birthday was Friday, March 12 and so she and I stayed home and had a day just for her. Whatever she wanted to do, we did. I made her muffins for breakfast and she was able to blow out the candles in her muffin to start the day off right.Then we started her day by going to "Old Maybe" her favorite place to shop and we found some cute birthday party attire. She then wanted to go to Target, followed by lunch at the mall with her dad and some playing at the mall playground. So, we did just that. She had a really great time and had no problem taking a nap once we got home!
Saturday was an extremely busy day for all of us. I had to take my Praxis II, again, after already passing it a first time but that is a long story I just won't get into. Parker's mimi, papaw, Aunt Marjle and grandmom all came up to Fayetteville to celebrate with Parker and honestly brougtht no less than 15 gifts with them. Parker quickly tore into those! She got tons of great toys and clothes which she loves. Then, it was time to head to Fun City Pizza for her party. As soon as we got there, she waited by the door to our private room ready to greet all of her friends. She was so excited. She had a great time playing the games, climbing in the gym and riding the firetruck with her friend, Micah,  over and over. Thanks to all who came. Parker had a great time!

Time to Really Catch Up! (Gigantic Snow is first)

A little while back, Fayetteville had quite a few large snows. At first it was pretty and wonderful but then it became extremely old! We are supposed to get MORE snow tonight and tomorrow. Not looking forward to that after days of almost 70 degree weather. Give me more sun! So here are a few pictures of Parker and Jeff playing in the snow.