Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas around Arkansas

We didn't stay here for Christmas this year, but instead, we made a nice little trip around Arkansas. We opened our Christmas presents at home on Monday night since we were going to be gone on Christmas and Christmas Eve. Parker really seemed to enjoy her presents. She wanted to try on some of her new clothes immediately and couldn't wait to play with her Elmo and push her baby around. Too cute! Jeff received boring presents from me but isn't that what I'm for. I did purchase the one item that he requested, an Iowa wrestling shirt, strange? Parker ran a fever Monday and Tuesday so we were home with that. Wednesday, we woke up and made the trip to Conway to spend Christmas with Jeff's side of the family. We were able to attend the Christmas service at church and open presents with the King kids and Aunt Cinnamon on Thursday. Parker got some great things from grandma, grandpa and Aunt Cinnamon. Jeff and I got some pretty great stuff as well. Friday, we made the trip to DeQueen to spend some time with Mimi and Papaw. We all got some more great presents and got to spend a lot of time with family that we haven't seen in a while. Sunday morning we made the trip back to Fayetteville to get ready for this week. Are you tired yet? I took tons of pictures with my new camera but I'll only post a few.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Early Christmas!

Merry Christmas to me! I opened my Christmas present tonight and this is what I got. The best part of the deal is that it only cost $1. Don't be jealous!!

Busy Week

It looks like we are going to have a busy week ahead of us but I secretly can't wait to go and visit all of our family. Wednesday, we are going open presents at our house and then make the drive to Conway to be with Jeff's family and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with them. Friday morning, we are going to make another drive to DeQueen to spend a couple of days with my family. Saturday, we are having a get together at my grandma's house with all of the aunts, uncles and cousins. It is very rare that we get to spend time with all of them. This will be the first year in a while that Jeff will be able to go to my family's house to celebrate. I pray that we have safe travel and enjoy all of our family! Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree

Yesterday, Parker and I went to get a Christmas tree and we picked out a pretty nice one, or at least we thought so. We brought it home and I "attempted" to put it up. Putting up a tree on your own is by far the most difficult thing ever. It took me a few hours and I finally got it in the stand and up but only to find out my Christmas lights didn't work! All the hard work and the tree still wasn't ready. Finally, by 8:30 last night my tree was finally finished. It looks a little bare without the gifts but hopefully that will change in a few weeks! Pictures don't really do the tree justice either. It looks a lot better in real life!

Circuit City

For those of you that know, and those who don't. Circuit City recently closed around 150 stores nationwide, including the Fayetteville location. The reason I'm telling you this; my husband has worked there for about four years or so and was recently just promoted to an Operations Manager, which was nice for us but not so nice that they shut down a little over a month later. So now they are liquidating all of the merchandise and the store should be completely shut down by the end of this year. So, the point of this sap story, is to just keep up in your prayers while Jeff tries to find something else on top of trying to finish school. He is working really hard so hopefully things will get much better for us!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Pictures, Finally

In the middle of October, we all made a trip down to DeQueen and had some family pictures taken. Parker was somewhat cooperative but not great. They turned out really good except for the few pictures that Parker just decided to only stare and not smile. All in all, I am satisfied with the results. These weren't all of the pictures but these were some of my favorites.

Phew Cat! That was close!

Over the Thanksgiving break, we had a little scare with my beloved kitty cat. When we returned from visiting in Conway on Thursday night, we were only gone one night, we came back to a yelling and screaming cat, who had not eaten a thing since we had left and just didn't seem like his usual self. Friday, I had to get up and get Parker and I ready so we could make our trip to DeQueen, but he still wasn't seeming like himself but I just thought he was constipated or just had a tummy ache. By Friday evening, when Jeff had came back home, the cat had been peeing blood EVERYWHERE and was found at one point lying in the bathtub, which is quite unusual. Saturday morning, Jeff took our cat to the vet and was told that he would have to stay until further notice! We went back and forth on what decision we were going to make. If he would have problems long term, then yes deep breath, we would have to put him down or we could just try and make him better and spend a little money. We decided on option 2. We were told that he had a blockage in his urethra and there could be crystals in his bladder and they would have to keep him for a few days. So finally, today I was told that he was doing much better but still had blood in his urine but he would be ready to come home today. After work, I hurried to pick him up and was given a brief demonstration on how to express urine from my cat's bladder and he is on a new type of cat food, so hopefully, he will be better for a while. Such a stressful time for me! We spent a good chunk of money but hopefully it will be worth it. We love our cat!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lights of the Ozarks

Saturday night, we all took a trip to Fayetteville's square to see them turn on the Christmas lights for the season. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, they had already turned on the lights but we were able to see some of the Christmas parade, strange I know, since Thanksgiving is in two days but it was fun to see nonetheless. Parker seemed to enjoy it or at least we thought she did. There were tons of people there so we didn't stay too long since we could barely walk around. There should be things going on down there every night until Christmas so hopefully, we get a chance to go back down there again. Especially for the pony rides! I dropped the ball and forgot my camera but a lady was walking around taking free pictures so we jumped on that boat. It didn't turn out quite so well but it is a picture of the three of us so who cares!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well at 10 last night, I went to watch Twilight, since I have been anticipating it for months now. The books are so good that I just knew the movie would be too. Well, not so much. There are a lot of parts that were extremely cheesy and the special effects weren't too great either but it was necessary for me to watch the movie since I have read all of the books. There were some good parts and it was good to see the books on screen but if you haven't read the first book, then I wouldn't watch the movie. Actually, if you haven't read all of the books, I wouldn't watch the movie but it is all up to.

I give it a C-

Man, I'm slow!

A few weekends ago, Parker and I went to visit Boni, Emma and Hannah and I took a few pictures of them playing and I'm just now getting around to posting! I just haven't quite been in the blogging mood here lately but since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I thought I would. The girls had a blast playing with each other and will get to do it all over again while I do a training for work, yeah for me! Instead of posting the pictures, I thought I would post the video. Sorry Boni, I had to.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Party at Gymboree

Sunday, Parker went to a birthday party for Davis, a boy in her class, at Gymboree. We had never been there so I was curious as to how it was all going to go. She had a lot of fun playing on all of the toys but it seemed to be too structured of a birthday party for me. They were wanting them to come and sit and do different activities but the average age was around 2 so it didn't work so well. They all just wanted to play. It has been a busy week so it has taken me a while to actually get the pictures up. She had such a great time and I'm thrilled after the week we had last week. She was sick from Sunday to probably Thursday. She wouldn't eat a thing! After 3 different tests at the doctor's office, they still weren't too sure what was wrong with her but we are thinking a viral or bacterial infection, yuck! She is better now and actually eating and it was just in time for her to go trick or treat last Friday!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!

Year two of trick or treating was a lot more fun than the first year but a lot more exhausting. Last year, we were able to go to the square and trick or treat there but we weren't going to make it this year so we went to the mall and went store to store. Parker seemed to have a lot of fun and just wasn't sure why everyone was giving her candy. She would put it in her Elmo and take it right back out! She did say "tick o teet" once and managed to say thank you but only after they weren't looking at her anymore. Parker's mimi made her costume this year and it turned out great. I am pretty sure that I didn't see another candy corn anywhere this year! After the mall, Parker and I went to go and trick or treat with Addison and her mommy, Mychal, around their neighborhood. They seemed to have a lot of fun too but it was getting late and cooler so we headed home with all of our loot! Enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Potty Time

Parker has really been interested in using the potty lately and she is getting very good at telling us she is wet and that she has pooped. She asks to sit on the potty a lot but has really yet to do anything in it. We are taking baby steps and hopefully it all clicks together soon. Tomorrow is Halloween and I'll make sure to put up all kinds of great pictures of her in her costume. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Georgia!

She had so much fun!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Go Hogs!

Yesterday, being that the Hogs were playing Ole Miss, I decided to FINALLY put Parker in her cheerleading outfit that her grandma gave her a while back. She looked so cute in it and she was really proud of herself too. She wasn't too happy about the tights and she just so happened to get my iced mocha coffee all over the front of her but oh well. Here are some of the pictures that I took of her, while she would let me!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yogurt is Yummy

Parker loves to eat yogurt and she is getting much better with the spoon but on this particular day she decided to nix the spoon and go all hands!

Family and Friends

The family and I went to DeQueen this weekend to visit our family and some of our friends. We had a great time and it was good to see some good friends. Parker and I were able to see my friends Molly and Lacey and play with their kids. Its crazy.. we were great friends and high school and our kids were playing together. Jeff, Parker and I were able to take our family pictures and I think they are going to turn out really well. It will just be a few weeks until we get them, :(. I'm so happy that I was able to go home and catch up with my family and friends and extremely excited that Jeff was able to go with me! Here are a few pictures from our "playdate".

Carson and Parker enjoying the wagon

Carson still trying to pull Parker

They were all looking at the camera!

I'm so mad!! I realized that I deleted the picture of me, Molly and Lacey!!! It was such a great picture. Molly, Hopefully you can send a copy to me. I'm so silly! At least I kept the pictures of the kids.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Parker has had this robe for quite some time now and we just never stopped and let her wear it. Well, last night, I thought I would try it on her and see what she thought. She loved it and she wanted me to tie the front over and over. Then I pulled out my robe, and she was even more excited when I put it on and wore it too. I managed to take a few pictures in her nice little robe. It does have characters on it and I HATE clothes with characters but she just looks so darn cute.