Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Not Scared

These are some old pictures but I thought I would post them anyway. These are from our trip to Conway a while back and Parker just had to swim in the freezing cold water! She was not scared of anything though.

Haircut Pictures

I finally have the pictures from Parker's first haircut on my computer so I thought I would share those with all. It is hard to tell what the end result is but trust me, it is cute!

Later that night eating with all of the family. Such a cute do.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Sunday, like most mothers, I celebrated Mother's Day with my beautiful daughter and lovely husband. Jeff and Parker let me sleep in for a while, which is something I NEVER do, next I woke up to a large cup of Starbucks, a trashy magazine and a cute little Elmo card. Jeff and Parker took a trip to get me some of my favorites for my relaxing day. It was nice to get a small break for just a few hours. Jeff then treated me to some IHOP breakfast which was nice. It makes me wish that Mother's Day was every day. He and Parker did get me a new Chi straightener but it just arrived in the mail today. I was excited like a child would be with a new toy. I think I deserve it though!

Mother's Day does make me think that my family appreciates all that I do and hopefully I can continue taking care of them for the rest of my life. Thank you Jeff and Parker and I love you both!

First Haircut

Friday, I had an appointment to get my hair cut so that started a haircut phenomenon in our household. Jeff decided he needed a haircut and then I wanted to finally cut Parker's pretty little curls. We kept talking it up and trying to get her excited and all she talked about was Parker get haircut. Good thing dad was getting one too or it would have been ugly! Parker was able to watch her daddy the entire time and she loved that. She did so great and just sat there talking about her haircut. I did take some pictures but just haven't put them on the computer yet. Maybe I can get a shot of all three of our new haircuts!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

100 Things About Me

I guess since some of my friends are posting 100 things about themselves, I'll try to do it too. I'm not sure that I can actually think of 100 different things about myself. I'll try though.

1. I ABSOLUTELY HATE my feet being dirty. I makes me feel so disgusting. You will hardly ever see me with dirty feet. I can't stand for Parker's feet to be dirty either.
2. I love getting manicures and pedicures. I would do them once a week if I had the money to do it. So once every other month will have to do.
3. I love the French Onion soup from Atlanta Bread Company.
4. I love being a mom and want to be a mommy again before I'm 30. Preferably before then too.
5. I hate dirty dishes being in my sink.
6. I hate having dirty laundry. I feel like I'm doing laundry constantly.
7. Messes anger me but since having Parker, I have learned to let go a little.
8. Power washing is fun to me. Watching dirt disappear is fascinating.
9. I have known my husband for as long as I can remember. We even were bf and gf in the 8th grade.
10. Along with that, I have had a thing for my husband for as long as I can remember.
11. I moved out of my house and didn't speak to my parents for almost a year.
12. I loved high school and everything about it.
13. My senior year I was chosen to be Homecoming Queen.
14. I played basketball, softball and ran track my senior year. I was asked to play in the All-Star game my senior year.
15. I almost went to Central Baptist in Conway to play basketball but decided not to.
16. I have three siblings. The youngest is my sister and she is 12.
17. My birthday is on September 11. Lucky me.
18. My parents divorced when I was in the 2nd grade.
19. I don't talk to my mom very much if at all.
20. On the other hand, I talk to Heather, my step mom, all the time.
21. I love children and being in their presence.
22. I went to college and received a degree in education.
23. I love school and want to keep getting more degrees.
24. I can't wait to start teaching in a middle school or elementary.
25. I was married in my living room on the day of my daughter's birthday.
26. Reading is my ultimate passion. I will read anything and everything.
27. History fascinates me and I want to know everything about it.
28. I'm scared of the dark.
29. I sleep great during storms but I don't like them.
30. I have lived in Georgia and Missouri before permanently residing in Arkansas.
31. Jeff and I have been married for a little over a year but together for almost 8 years.
32. I have a 2 year old and I absolutely adore her.
33. I have never broken a bone, *knock on wood*.
34. I just recently got rid of my two pets, one of which I had for 7 years.
35. I love animals and wish people would take better care of them.
36. I hate rats and mice. They give me the chills and make me shudder.
37. My mother owned a ferret when I was younger and it bit me.
38. I wish my grandpa would have been able to meet Parker.
39. I love my grandma and her cooking!
40. I had two best friends from the time I was in 7th grade through almost all of high school. We are still pretty good friends now but don't keep in touch as much. Lacey and Molly.
41. I'm extremely trusting and probably give people way too many chances.
42. If you have a sad story, I will listen and not forget about it for a long time.
43. If someone would play with my hair continuously, I just might pay them.
44. A League of Their Own is my all time favorite movie and used to watch it over and over. Ask me anything about it. I can tell you.
45. Lacey, Molly and I used to re-create the dance moves in Dirty Dancing.
46. Cooking is a zen feeling for me.
47. I should do more to take care of myself instead of caring for others so much.
48. My feelings are hurt very easily.
49. I think I can talk to pretty much anyone and probably will.
50. Wow! Half way there.
51. I have a good memory with birthdays. I can almost remember anyone's.
52. I smoked in high school. I know, yuck!
53. I absolutely hate smoking and being around those people who do smoke. You are killing yourself and those around you!
54. Seeing parents smoke around their children infuriates me.
55. I visited a prison while in high school.
56. I have dyed my hair any color you can think of.
57. I was a lifeguard at one point and time.
58. I worked for Wal-Mart for almost 7 years.
59. I hope you have decent eyebrows and okay teeth because that it is what i'm checking out.
60. My friend, Boni, and her husband,Travis, had the best fights in high school. I've seen a lot of them.
61. There are only a handful of foods that I don't like. Watermelon, kiwi, and bananas.
62. If its green, I love it.
63. When I was growing up, we always had coke in our house.
64. We used to eat at my grandmother's house every Wednesday.
65. Lacey and I used to sneak out of her house.
66. I like to dance but since I have been with Jeff, I've done it a lot less.
67. I love to sing to the radio or while I'm in the shower.
68. I can't go to Wal-Mart or Target without buying something.
69. I want to make sure that I show Parker how to be a good person and make sure she is respected by others.
70. My ten year reunion is next year!
71. I have to wear a watch. You will not ever see me without one.
72. I made my first trip to a casino just this year.
73. I went to a strip club with Jeff.
74. I don't like to drink and will rarely do it.
75. Going to Dickson Street doesn't interest me anymore.
76. Almost Done!
77. I want to learn how to garden.
78. I grew up in a small town but never want to move back.
79. I enjoy being around people who are positive and have good things to say.
80. If you are unhappy in a situation, fix it, don't complain about it.
81. I didn't go to church hardly ever growing up.
82. I don't believe you have to go to church to be considered Christian or believe in God.
83. I always ask for proof in regards to religion.
84. I'm pretty sure I'm almost always right.
85. I can handle anyone but my husband's criticism.
86. I could probably eat Mexican food every day of the week.
87. Being lazy is never an option for me. If it is, I must be feeling really lazy.
88. I'm wondering how many people will read this after all of this hard work.
89. I think I need therapy when I think about my childhood. It was rough.
90. I had to grow up too fast and do too many adult things before the age of 10.
91. I used to be addicted to myspace and facebook.
92. I love dips! Salsa, guacamole or cheese dip. I love them all!
93. I have experienced two super bad ice storms.
94. I used to love being in the sun all day long. Now I don't enjoy it. Its too hot!
95. I loved exercising in high school. Today, I could think of a 100 different things I would rather do.
96. I've always wanted to get a bikini wax.
97. My ultimate trip would be to go to Washington D.C.
98. I would love to sleep past 8:30.
99. I have lived in the same apartment for about 7 years. Not for much longer!!
100. Wow, I made it. I love my daughter and husband and would do absolutely anything for them!