Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Sunday, like most mothers, I celebrated Mother's Day with my beautiful daughter and lovely husband. Jeff and Parker let me sleep in for a while, which is something I NEVER do, next I woke up to a large cup of Starbucks, a trashy magazine and a cute little Elmo card. Jeff and Parker took a trip to get me some of my favorites for my relaxing day. It was nice to get a small break for just a few hours. Jeff then treated me to some IHOP breakfast which was nice. It makes me wish that Mother's Day was every day. He and Parker did get me a new Chi straightener but it just arrived in the mail today. I was excited like a child would be with a new toy. I think I deserve it though!

Mother's Day does make me think that my family appreciates all that I do and hopefully I can continue taking care of them for the rest of my life. Thank you Jeff and Parker and I love you both!

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