Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Made It!

We took this when we finally drug ourselves  reached the top of Pinnacle Mountain. Parker even climbed all the way up herself! I was VERY proud of her. It was such a beautiful day and an excellent way to spend it. I can't wait until we go back. Enjoy another shot from the top...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Since Valentine's is so close to our anniversary, we don't usually go all out with a celebration. This year wasn't any different. Jeff and I celebrated by giving a gift or two and trying to eat dinner, ALONE! Cinnamon was nice enough to keep Parker for us while we enjoyed a child-free dinner.I anticipated a lot of people going to dinner on Saturday, but really... Every restaurant was nuts. I spent most of Saturday trying to get a reservation. But, after waiting for about 45 minutes, we enjoyed a nice dinner and were ready to see our little munchkin again. Parker had a class party today and I really hated missing it,but not much you can do when you work 30 minutes away. Maybe next year.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Ice-Cream

Yesterday, Parker and I decided to catch some snow in a bowl and "attempt" snow ice-cream. It actually turned out pretty well and Parker seemed to really love it. We combined: snow, half and half, milk, sugar and vanilla in a big bowl and bam! snow ice-cream.

Day 2

Guess what? Woke up this morning and there was still snow. The high for today is supposed to reach 31 so a little but not much snow will be melting. Today, we decided to get bundled up and go outside to play in the snow. We didn't have a sled or anything that would work very well as a sled but we thought we would try out one of our rubber made tub lids instead. Here is how well it worked.

Not very well, at all.

We still had a great time stomping around, running and building in the snow.

Jeff and parker made piles of snow  an igloo. He worked so hard he began to sweat in 20 degree weather. Here are some shots of this awesome pile of snow igloo.

Day 1 of Our "blizzard"

We were prepared for this "storm" by going to stock up Monday night and not Tuesday night like everyone else in town. Watched the news intently to see if we were out of school and looked forward to waking up to a winter wonderland. Unfortunately, when we woke up, there wasn't any snow falling but by 8 am, the snow started following quite rapidly. 

The next time I checked the snow it looked like this: 

About 2 or so, it really started to snow hard and did so for a few hours. I believe I sat and watched it for HOURS! I believe finally about 6 or so; it stopped snowing. The final total of snow for Bryant was 8 inches. 

School was cancelled for Thursday as well, which gave us the opportunity to go out and play in it!