Thursday, July 31, 2008

Terrible 17 months?

I always thought the "Terrible Two's" were the terrible time but no one said anything about it coming way before then. I notice everyday that Parker gets angrier and angrier when things don't go her way! She throws huge tantrums, screams at the top of her lungs and pretends like she doesn't hear Jeff or myself when we tell her NO! I know that she understands what no means and the certain things that are off-limits but it is like we are on mute to her! I love that kid but she frustrates me to no end!! Hopefully we are getting over our bad attitude early and then the two's and beyond will be glorious! Wishful thinking!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bless this Mess

Today, like everyday, I am home with Parker but today I realized just how lucky I am. I never really take the time to notice that I have an absolutely wonderful husband and a beautiful, healthy little girl whom I love dearly! I am so blessed to be at home with her everyday and watch her grow and prosper at such a wonderful pace. It is alarming to see how often we take things for granted. I will have to admit there have been obstacles in my life that have been frustrating and make me feel defeated at times, but I have to remember the good things in my life such as my wonderful and loving family. God brings these obstacles in your life and I believe they have strengthened my relationships and my outlook on my life and it's future. I am hoping that I can stay positive and thankful for all that is in my life and I know that good things will eventually come our way. * My inspiring note for the day*

Bath time pictures are fun!

I'm not for sure why but I love taking bath time pictures. Tonight P figured out how to put the bath plug back where it goes. She learned a while back how to unplug it and let the water out but she was diligently working on trying to keep the water in. I thought it was just so cute. Enjoy!

Putting the plug back in

Taking it back out
It was a never ending process for sure!

Sprinklers and Laughs!

Parker and I have been occasionally going to the Fayetteville public pool to swim and today we headed that way again only to be told that there had been an "accident" in the pool and they were shutting down for an hour. "You are welcome to sit on the deck though." Right, a 17 month old is going to be all about just "sitting" on the deck. Boni had mentioned to me earlier in the day about the Springdale Aquatic Center so we decided to try that out. It was a couple of bucks more than the pool but well worth it for sure!! It was absolutely perfect for Parker and there weren't a ton of big kids around to accidentally push her down. There was a nice wading pool and tons of the sprinkler type things that she could play in. She absolutely loved the sprinklers. There was another section for smaller kids that had little slides and a little deeper wading pool. Then there was of course the big huge slides and big pool for those bigger kids. I'm so glad that we went and I believe we are going to be bypassing the public pool in Fayetteville for a while. She seemed to have such a great time today and I think I did too. Enjoy the pictures!

I have no problem going under the water.


The water seems just deep enough for me.

I'm not so sure but the other kids are doing it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Panama City Beach, Florida!!

This past week, Parker and I went with my family to Panama City Beach for a few days. The twelve hour trip down there went fairly well considering Parker was stuck in a car seat with little mobility. She did have Marjle, my sister, and Mat, my brother, to keep her entertained during the long ride. She behaved considerably well but I DO NOT want to be making that trip again any time soon. We had a wonderful time there and had wonderful weather everyday except for our last day there when it rained a little. The last few days we had red flags and the double red flags, meaning stay out of the water. Hurricane Dolly was throwing some intense waves our way and there were several close calls that day. The coast guard, ambulance and beach police had to do some heavy work along the beaches. Some people didn't abide by the flags and decided to get into the water and found themselves way away from shore and not being able to get back. Thankfully, they were all okay and were brought back to safety. It was a scary moment for us all. Parker really seemed to love the beach but she wasn't too fond of the water. I think the waves scared her a little. Especially since there were humongous waves during the last part of the trip. She sat on the beach and played in the sand for a good while. My brother at one point decided to bury her and she just stood there and enjoyed it all. I got a lot of great pictures but obviously I will only be able to put a few up. All and all it was a great trip and I"m glad that we went but I am even happier to be home, at least for a little while!There were so many pictures to choose from but here are some of my favorites.

Her first look at the ocean
She loved the sand
Swimming with Mimi in her turtle
She just stood and let Mat bury her
The end product

Playing with BubbaShe is standing up in the hole
Playing with the girls

Getting ready for some lunch at Maragaritville
Watching the waves with Papaw
Some of the huge waves we were having
Sans bathing suite this day

Parker and mommy on the last day

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Florida Time

I'm so pumped! Parker and I are packing up today and a little in the morning to head to DeQueen then we are off to Florida! I'm excited about seeing Parker in the ocean and playing in the sand. I'm curious to see what she will think of it all. This is the first time that we have gone minus a few people. Jeff, my brother and Amy, his fiance, won't be able to go this year. I'm pretty bummed because we have been together a few times and always had a blast. I'll make sure to post tons of pictures when we get back or at least I'll try. See ya next week!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bathtime, Earplugs and Good Fun

Parker seemed to be having such a great time in the tub the other night, I thought I would post a few pictures of her bubble blowing good fun. Isn't she just too cute in those awful ear plugs?! Hopefully not too much longer and we can get rid of those things for good. They are a PAIN!

The Conway Fiasco

This past weekend we went down to Conway to visit the grandparents, cousins and such. Parker had the chance to see almost all of her cousins and a few of her aunts. She enjoyed some time in the pool, playing in the yard and all the attention from her older cousins. We had a great time swimming and just visiting. Hopefully we can go back real soon. Here are a few pictures from our wonderful time.

Parker and daddy playing in the pool

Parker, daddy and Ki playing a little frisbee

Grandma, Parker and cousin Kalayna
Yearning to get in the pool again

Monday, July 7, 2008

Around the House

I decided to take a few pictures while Parker and I were playing around the house. She has a "new" old slide that her grandma sent home with her to play on. She has so much fun on. She slides so fast down and just laughs so hard. I had also made some brownies and she had to try out the goods with a little evidence on her lips! A nice and fun day so far.

To DeQueen Again

Parker and I made the trip to DeQueen on Saturday to have a little visit with my family and we had a great time swimming and just relaxing. She loves being in the pool and wouldn't get out when it was time. She did get a nice little tan unlike me! I have a nice sunburn. All and all it was a good visit and we are going back the 18th and then we are off to FLORIDA!!!

Fireworks and Fun..

We decided to go and buy a few fireworks since there wasn't anywhere in Fayetteville that was doing a fireworks show this year. Sad I know. So we picked up some Roman Candles, Sparklers and other little fireworks. Unfortunately, Parker was more interested in a stray cat roaming around than the actual fireworks themselves. She would occasionally ooh and ahh at a few things but there was never any true interest. I really thought she would love the sparklers but I was wrong. I guess towards the end she thought they were interesting but not enough to really care. I did get a few good pictures of her watching her daddy light them and play with them.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Swim Time

Me and my sweet girl..
Daddy and Parker playing..

Her new friends..

getting ready for a swim..

Last night, Jeff and I took Parker to Family Swim at Fayetteville's pool. This is the first time we have actually been swimming this year besides in the little pool in the backyard. She played in the kiddie pool for a while and visited with a few little girls. We decided to take her to the big pool and see what she thought. She seemed to be having a lot of fun but was shivering like crazy too. The sun was going down so it wasn't so warm. She unfortunately had to wear ear plugs too since the tubes are still in there. All and all, I think we had a great time and we can't wait to take her swimming some more. Hopefully this weekend and next weekend she will get some good swimming time in!***Disregard the whale holding Parker***