Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bless this Mess

Today, like everyday, I am home with Parker but today I realized just how lucky I am. I never really take the time to notice that I have an absolutely wonderful husband and a beautiful, healthy little girl whom I love dearly! I am so blessed to be at home with her everyday and watch her grow and prosper at such a wonderful pace. It is alarming to see how often we take things for granted. I will have to admit there have been obstacles in my life that have been frustrating and make me feel defeated at times, but I have to remember the good things in my life such as my wonderful and loving family. God brings these obstacles in your life and I believe they have strengthened my relationships and my outlook on my life and it's future. I am hoping that I can stay positive and thankful for all that is in my life and I know that good things will eventually come our way. * My inspiring note for the day*

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