Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sprinklers and Laughs!

Parker and I have been occasionally going to the Fayetteville public pool to swim and today we headed that way again only to be told that there had been an "accident" in the pool and they were shutting down for an hour. "You are welcome to sit on the deck though." Right, a 17 month old is going to be all about just "sitting" on the deck. Boni had mentioned to me earlier in the day about the Springdale Aquatic Center so we decided to try that out. It was a couple of bucks more than the pool but well worth it for sure!! It was absolutely perfect for Parker and there weren't a ton of big kids around to accidentally push her down. There was a nice wading pool and tons of the sprinkler type things that she could play in. She absolutely loved the sprinklers. There was another section for smaller kids that had little slides and a little deeper wading pool. Then there was of course the big huge slides and big pool for those bigger kids. I'm so glad that we went and I believe we are going to be bypassing the public pool in Fayetteville for a while. She seemed to have such a great time today and I think I did too. Enjoy the pictures!

I have no problem going under the water.


The water seems just deep enough for me.

I'm not so sure but the other kids are doing it.

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