Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catch Up

Not a whole lot has been going on since my last post after Christmas but I may need to catch up on the Stearns family anyway. Jeff has started back to class and I started back to work. Parker is spending a few days at home now with Jeff so that is a positive all around. I'm taking some classes so that I can bring up my GPA so I've got a full plate too. Parker is doing great and is growing and prospering everyday. She has developed so many words in her vocabulary and I love to hear her talk to us. She absolutely loves her Elmo dvd and asks to watch "elmo song" at least fifty times a day. She will ask us to get in bed and "scoot back" while we all watch elmo. It has become an obsession. Yesterday and today she has been running a fever so I"m not real sure what is going with her but hopefully she is better by tomorrow. If not, we will be home from work and school. We have started a weight loss pool at work and I have already lost a little weight but I need to kick it in gear and lose some more before our weigh in this Friday!!

Parker's birthday is coming up in March and I can hardly believe she will be 2. Time sure has flown by. Jeff and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary as well. I would love to take a weekend to get a way but not for sure if that will be possible or not but I'm crossing my fingers.

Jeff took Parker to the park on Friday since the weather was nice but I don't have the camera handy to post some of those pictures. She seemed to have a great time or at least I heard she did, ;). All the info I have for now, but I hated seeing that I hadn't posted since December!!