Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Gym

One of Parker's friends from school, Emily, had a birthday party today at the Little Gym in Little Rock. She has been uber excited about going to it. As soon as she woke up at 6:30 this morning, she was already asking if it was time to go. I was literally irritated asked all day as to when we were going to this kid's party. Finally, after playing outside, playing with Uncle Jon's dog, eating lunch and getting ready, it was time for the party. We of course ended  up being too early, but that is just how we roll and thankfully others showed up immediately after us. Parker had such a good time even though she was shy at first, thanks dad, but joined in and didn't really want to go when it was all said and done. We are seriously considering the Little Gym for her birthday party this year but we will just have to see. We are also seriously considering abandoning  dropping her off one night at Little Gym for a parent's night away but that is left to be determined too. Here are some of the pictures I happened to get while enjoying Parker enjoying herself.

And the winner is...

Not me.. That is who the winner is. Our family decided to make a trip to Oaklawn last weekend in hopes of winning some money. No such luck for the Stearns clan. We had a very good time though. My brother and Amy decided to stay with us for the weekend and we met the other half of our family at the track for some food, racing and fun. Experienced all three but didn't come into the money; maybe next time. Parker experienced her first time watching the horse racing and we had prepared her a few nights before by watching Secretariat, which she loved. She even asked, "Will Secretariat be there?". She is precious. I was very proud that she didn't lose her mind being there ALL day but she did end up finally losing at eating dinner that evening.Just when we thought we would all go winless, Brian and Mat win $400 on the last race. If only we could only be so lucky.. I did make sure to bring my camera and take some pictures of our day. Hope you enjoy.

 Amy's winning ticket
 The fam sitting in the stands..

 A little sibling love


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Most Frightening Snowman EVER

There are some ugly snowmen out there but what you are about to see is by far the scariest I have seen. The snow was still falling on Sunday, so it was struggling to stick together but we forced it to work. Parker stressed the importance of having a carrot for a nose and fortunately we had one of those. We had no idea what we would use for the eyes and mouth but we improvised with some peanut butter m&ms and a piece of red licorice. The result is what you see below...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow, Snow and more SNOW!

Weather predictions were actually right on this one. Today it was projected to begin at 2 pm and started a little after 1 today. It has been going none stop ever since. Parker was going down for a nap when I started, but I promised her there would be a lot of snow when she woke up. Just a little bit of bribing; I need the "me" time. As soon as she woke up, we layered up and went outside to check it out. We are still waiting on the school closings but it is looking like a "snow day" tomorrow, hopefully.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

America's Next Dance Crew?

After watching this video, it shouldn't be a question...

Riding the New Year in!

New Year's Day we decided to take Parker to the park and let her drive her new jeep and just play for a while. It actually ended up being a family affair which was so nice. We all loaded up for playing at the park. Even though Parker gets better driving her jeep, she still gets to upset with it. If it doesn't go how she wants, she is very upset with and wants me to drive or just wants to leave it. Hopefully this will get better but we will just have to see. I did make sure to bring my camera and get some really good shots of her driving and playing with everyone. My sister still has her gimp leg but she was still able to "play" as well.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Play date with Presli Kate!

Over Christmas break, Parker and I were able to have lunch with Lacey, Presli and Bradi. I didn't get any pictures of the lunch but was able to get a few pictures of the girls playing at Mimi and Papaw's house. It was so very good to see Lacey and the girls and they are expecting a little brother or sister this summer! According to Presli, he or she will be Charlie Vegas, what an exotic name! Parke and Presli play so well together; I just wish we were down there more often. I love visiting with Lacey. I know you read this Lace. Get up here and visit me!! Here are some pictures of those cute little girls.

Welcoming in 2011

We welcomed in 2011 by celebrating in De Queen. We had some good snacks and some good "drinks" to help ring it in right. We tried to crash another New Year's party but decided to head back to original spot on Walnut Street. Parker was even able to keep up with all of the big kids. We of course, continued our obsession with the Kinect and dancing the night away. Here are a few shots from our night of celebrating.