Saturday, January 29, 2011

And the winner is...

Not me.. That is who the winner is. Our family decided to make a trip to Oaklawn last weekend in hopes of winning some money. No such luck for the Stearns clan. We had a very good time though. My brother and Amy decided to stay with us for the weekend and we met the other half of our family at the track for some food, racing and fun. Experienced all three but didn't come into the money; maybe next time. Parker experienced her first time watching the horse racing and we had prepared her a few nights before by watching Secretariat, which she loved. She even asked, "Will Secretariat be there?". She is precious. I was very proud that she didn't lose her mind being there ALL day but she did end up finally losing at eating dinner that evening.Just when we thought we would all go winless, Brian and Mat win $400 on the last race. If only we could only be so lucky.. I did make sure to bring my camera and take some pictures of our day. Hope you enjoy.

 Amy's winning ticket
 The fam sitting in the stands..

 A little sibling love


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