Monday, November 19, 2012

Last Update July 20?

Thought I would stop and look at some blogs and realized I haven't updated since July! What is happening here? Apparently, a lot. I did want to blog about my first trip to New York. I was told by my husband that by telling people I have never flown or been to New York made me a hillbilly. So, I guess I'm a hillbilly. Last week my friend and I head for the Memphis airport and in true fashion, we were stuck in horrendous traffic and missed our first flight. Awesome. Thankfully, Delta had already delayed our flight, so changing the flight was going to cost us nada! Already to a good start. We finally boarded a later flight and were on our way to NYC. The flight there was good and thankfully it was a short direct flight. I was a little terrified apprehensive on the take off, but all was well. We landed around 6 pm and I was immediately in awe. It was huge, bright and there was so much hustle and bustle. From the get go, I was smitten with it. We hopped in a cab and headed toward the Financial District where our friend, Julie, lives. It was already beyond fun. We dropped our stuff off and headed towards the subway for you guessed it, my first subway ride. Yippee! This may end up being several posts because there was just SO much going on. The first night was just a lot of taking in the city and walking MILES and MILES. We headed towards Times Square and a few other places before finally heading back around 12. To bed we went so we could enjoy yet another day in the "big city".