Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gals Night Out

Last night, a bunch of my friends and I went out for Amber's birthday, also a friend. She has really never been to bars or even drank so we wanted to take her out for a fun night on Dickson Street. She had never been to Willy D's so we thought that would be a fun place for her on her birthday. We got there pretty early but it was a good thing because there were TONS of birthday groups and they had reserved all the tables but ONE! We were lucky and had a table just for our group. It was a super fun night with LOTS of drinks and even more singing. I will definitely be hoarse for a while! I am feeling the effects of drinking this morning. Probably won't be doing that for a while. It was such a fun night and hopefully for my birthday we will do something just as fun.

The Birthday Girl

Tutu Time

I just put some pics on the computer from Parker prancing around the house in her tutu and thought that I would post them. She loves that thing and will most of the time wear it without any panties on but I think she had some on this particular day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

This morning while I am driving to work. I look back and say "Hey Parker" her reply "What's up?". I had to stop and think, did she just say that. So, I said it again, "Hey Parker" and her reply again "What's up?" Did my child just say that? So I asked, "Did you just say What's up?" and her reply again "Yes, what's up?" Man she is just too cute sometimes!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Baby graveyard"

If you were to come into my house at any given day, below is what you would find in at least one of the rooms. Parker takes as many babies as she can, lies them down (usually on one of her food boxes) and covers them up with my dish towels. If I can't find my dish towels, I know who to come looking for. Once you see this spread, it looks like a graveyard! So, I have named her set up the "baby graveyard" but don't tell her that. To her, they are just sleeping and we must all be quiet.

a group shot

Elmo napping on by himself

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I received a call from one of the doctors at Willow Creek, the children's clinic Parker goes to, and they tell me that her results from the strep test are negative, which I knew, but she did have a positive culture for Thrush! I thought only babies got thrush. It seemed to explain why her mouth isn't getting any better. Yet another prescription was called in so hopefully her mouth will begin to heal. It has been AWFUL!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Little Sick Girl

Thursday, I picked Parker up from her classroom, like usual, and noticed that she felt really warm. I grabbed a thermometer and took her temperature; 101.4. Wow! I grabbed some Tylenol and we headed home. Later that night, she was still running a fever and just didn't seem like herself. I was extremely happy that I don't work on Friday so I could stay home with her. I also noticed that she was barely eating anything and later that evening noticed some bumps on her tongue. She already had one on her lip but I just thought it was a fever blister. By Saturday morning, she had more bumps and was eating less. I remembered there was a confirmed case of hand foot and mouth at school so I just knew that was what she had. The fever continued, as the did the bumps, throughout Sunday and Monday but Monday morning I made an appointment at the doctor. Luckily, it wasn't strep throat but only a viral infection, which they can do NOTHING about. Give her Motrin every six hours and put Benadryl on her sores. She seems to be doing a little better today. Her fever is gone but we are still battling the sores in her mouth. Picked up Magic Mouthwash and hopefully that will make things a little better for her so she can finally eat something!