Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Little Sick Girl

Thursday, I picked Parker up from her classroom, like usual, and noticed that she felt really warm. I grabbed a thermometer and took her temperature; 101.4. Wow! I grabbed some Tylenol and we headed home. Later that night, she was still running a fever and just didn't seem like herself. I was extremely happy that I don't work on Friday so I could stay home with her. I also noticed that she was barely eating anything and later that evening noticed some bumps on her tongue. She already had one on her lip but I just thought it was a fever blister. By Saturday morning, she had more bumps and was eating less. I remembered there was a confirmed case of hand foot and mouth at school so I just knew that was what she had. The fever continued, as the did the bumps, throughout Sunday and Monday but Monday morning I made an appointment at the doctor. Luckily, it wasn't strep throat but only a viral infection, which they can do NOTHING about. Give her Motrin every six hours and put Benadryl on her sores. She seems to be doing a little better today. Her fever is gone but we are still battling the sores in her mouth. Picked up Magic Mouthwash and hopefully that will make things a little better for her so she can finally eat something!

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