Saturday, January 1, 2011

De Queen? Yes please!

We finally made our last stop for the day in De Queen to open gifts with my family. We had already had such an action packed today; it will be hard to top it. Before we opened gifts, the older children had a little surprise for the parents which we knew wouldn't go over so well but we didn't care. We set them to the back of the house and brought out the main event:

A new flat screen and stand!! Aren't we just the best?? :)
The reaction was pretty good but I wasn't able to get a good picture. :(

We began opening presents, again and enjoyed watching Parker open more gifts as well as giving gifts for the rest of the family.

Due to Parker sitting in my lap the ENTIRE time she was opening gifts, there weren't any pictures of her opening or anyone else. Bummer I know but we have plenty of gift opening pictures from the day.

"Bubba" got a Kinect for his XBOX for Christmas , so most of the night was spent playing games and everyone seemed to have a great time. Here a few pictures from our time with the Kinect and Dance Central!!

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