Friday, July 25, 2008

Panama City Beach, Florida!!

This past week, Parker and I went with my family to Panama City Beach for a few days. The twelve hour trip down there went fairly well considering Parker was stuck in a car seat with little mobility. She did have Marjle, my sister, and Mat, my brother, to keep her entertained during the long ride. She behaved considerably well but I DO NOT want to be making that trip again any time soon. We had a wonderful time there and had wonderful weather everyday except for our last day there when it rained a little. The last few days we had red flags and the double red flags, meaning stay out of the water. Hurricane Dolly was throwing some intense waves our way and there were several close calls that day. The coast guard, ambulance and beach police had to do some heavy work along the beaches. Some people didn't abide by the flags and decided to get into the water and found themselves way away from shore and not being able to get back. Thankfully, they were all okay and were brought back to safety. It was a scary moment for us all. Parker really seemed to love the beach but she wasn't too fond of the water. I think the waves scared her a little. Especially since there were humongous waves during the last part of the trip. She sat on the beach and played in the sand for a good while. My brother at one point decided to bury her and she just stood there and enjoyed it all. I got a lot of great pictures but obviously I will only be able to put a few up. All and all it was a great trip and I"m glad that we went but I am even happier to be home, at least for a little while!There were so many pictures to choose from but here are some of my favorites.

Her first look at the ocean
She loved the sand
Swimming with Mimi in her turtle
She just stood and let Mat bury her
The end product

Playing with BubbaShe is standing up in the hole
Playing with the girls

Getting ready for some lunch at Maragaritville
Watching the waves with Papaw
Some of the huge waves we were having
Sans bathing suite this day

Parker and mommy on the last day

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