Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Phew Cat! That was close!

Over the Thanksgiving break, we had a little scare with my beloved kitty cat. When we returned from visiting in Conway on Thursday night, we were only gone one night, we came back to a yelling and screaming cat, who had not eaten a thing since we had left and just didn't seem like his usual self. Friday, I had to get up and get Parker and I ready so we could make our trip to DeQueen, but he still wasn't seeming like himself but I just thought he was constipated or just had a tummy ache. By Friday evening, when Jeff had came back home, the cat had been peeing blood EVERYWHERE and was found at one point lying in the bathtub, which is quite unusual. Saturday morning, Jeff took our cat to the vet and was told that he would have to stay until further notice! We went back and forth on what decision we were going to make. If he would have problems long term, then yes deep breath, we would have to put him down or we could just try and make him better and spend a little money. We decided on option 2. We were told that he had a blockage in his urethra and there could be crystals in his bladder and they would have to keep him for a few days. So finally, today I was told that he was doing much better but still had blood in his urine but he would be ready to come home today. After work, I hurried to pick him up and was given a brief demonstration on how to express urine from my cat's bladder and he is on a new type of cat food, so hopefully, he will be better for a while. Such a stressful time for me! We spent a good chunk of money but hopefully it will be worth it. We love our cat!

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