Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!

Year two of trick or treating was a lot more fun than the first year but a lot more exhausting. Last year, we were able to go to the square and trick or treat there but we weren't going to make it this year so we went to the mall and went store to store. Parker seemed to have a lot of fun and just wasn't sure why everyone was giving her candy. She would put it in her Elmo and take it right back out! She did say "tick o teet" once and managed to say thank you but only after they weren't looking at her anymore. Parker's mimi made her costume this year and it turned out great. I am pretty sure that I didn't see another candy corn anywhere this year! After the mall, Parker and I went to go and trick or treat with Addison and her mommy, Mychal, around their neighborhood. They seemed to have a lot of fun too but it was getting late and cooler so we headed home with all of our loot! Enjoy the pictures.

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