Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Gentry Safari

Yesterday was such a nice day that I wanted to take Parker to the Gentry Safari since she hasn't been since last year. Each year she enjoys the trip more and more. It was just she and I so it was really a special day to have mommy all to herself. She mainly excited about sitting in the front seat while we drove through the safari. She enjoyed watching all of the animals walk up to the car and watch them eat our bread we were throwing. She loved to watch the Emus sprint across the field as soon as they saw bread flying out of our car. I loved watching her watch and interact with the animals. Too cute! She was able to see a baby bear, baby monkey, big monkeys and all kinds of different animals. She really loved the baby goats and wanted to touch a baby kangaroo so bad! It was such a great day that ended with a pony ride and a camel ride.

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