Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot Springs Anniversary

Jeff and I weren't able to celebrate our first anniversary until this past Thursday, even though it was the 15th. We decided since we were heading to Conway this past weekend that we would ask the wonderful sister-in-law, Cinnamon, to do a little babysitting for us so we could celebrate for at least one night. She agreed, of course, so we knew Parker was taken care of. We weren't for sure where we wanted to go but we knew that we wanted to get away! We decided on spending the night in Hot Springs and do a little sight seeing the next day. We didn't get there until pretty late Thursday night, so of course nothing was open since it was during the week. We got a room at the Arlington since I have never stayed there and Jeff thought it was a neat place to stay. Once we got there, we were starving so we had to do a little walk down Central before we found Porterhouse, a steak place, and were actually able to eat. Thank goodness they were open until 11 or it would have been Papa John's in the room! After dinner, we decided to watch some of the older couples there dance a bit while we sipped on some drinks. It is so much fun watching older people dance. They are just too cute for words!

We got up pretty early on Friday and decided to have breakfast in the hotel and then take a walk down the street to check out all of the shops and the park. Of course, since we are the silly people we are, we had to go into the Wax Museum. For all the times my dad told me "No, I'm not wasting my money on that." We wasted our money! Of course, total let down but worth it. Finally, we headed for the race track since Jeff had never been to the horse races. It was such a pretty day and a little bit of a bummer that we couldn't stay for the rest of the races but we had to get back to the rug rat! We had a great time and I'm so glad we got a way for a while. I didn't take too many pictures but there area few good ones!

Jeff in the Arlington

One of the springs. I wanted to jump in and take a bath!

The Arlington

Wax Version of the "Last Supper"

Waiting to make his first "official" bet

Placing "the bet"

The Finish (We didn't win )

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