Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wagon Rides and VASELINE

When we got back to Conway, Jeff decided to put together the wagon that his parents had bought for the grandkids. Parker was so excited for it to be ready and she chipped in to help daddy put it together as well. She had so much fun in that thing but after a while she wanted to be in charge of the pulling and would have nothing else but that! She is so demanding and I have NO idea where she gets it from!

Now on to the drama of the weekend. Friday night, Parker was playing the back room with her aunt and cousin and she suddenly runs out with a tub of vaseline! Her face and neck are extremely shiny but oh! just wait, there is more! There is vaseline in her scalp at least two inches thick! What in the world is going on here? After a moment of freaking out, I run her to the bathtub to try and "wash" out the greasy that has engulfed her head but no such luck. After four washings with regular shampoo and one with Dawn dish soap, yeah thats right, no luck!

Before the attempt at the first set of washings

By Saturday, her hair was litterally in stick form. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. So I put her back in the bathtub for round two of the shampooing to no avail! Sunday morning, we repeat the process all over again but no such luck. This time we tried getting a little more creative and used mayonaise this time. I thought we had taken a picture of that but I guess not. Again, we failed.

Finally, Monday morning before work we tried our last resort, CORNSTARCH!

and.... SUCCESS!! Cornstarch is the way to go if your kid ever gets vaseline in their hair! DO NOT try anything else.

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