Monday, March 9, 2009

Poor Parker

Jeff let me know on Friday that Parker had been really upset and cranky and he wasn't sure what to do with her. She had an extremely runny nose, cruddy eyes and a cough. Allergies, right? Okay. So, yesterday we are about to head to Sam's and she is extremely cranky and whiny. It wasn't exactly nap time so we tried to get that started. She started telling me "ear hurt mommy" She wouldn't lay on her left ear or let me touch it. I felt like she was six months old ALL over again. Couldn't console her in the least bit. Gave her some Tylenol and off to sleep she went. She woke up from her nap feeling a lot better or at least it seemed like it. She had a hard time going to sleep last night but that could have been from the time change. She ended up waking up four more times in the night which is so not like her anymore. I comtemplated on not taking her to school today and ended up making an appointment today to just check her ears out. She has tubes so it is a little worrisome when your child has ear problems after the tubes! Dr. Gregory checked her out and said the left ear was definitely red and swollen. There was also some pus around her ear drum. The downside in both ears is that they are covered in wax so she couldn't see the tubes AT ALL! At least on Wednesday we are going to see her ear specialists and we can try to figure out what is going on. Are the tubes in there or not? I'm not looking forward to more ear infections that is for sure! She is on antibiotics so hopefully we can take care of that darn ear ache!

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