Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weight Loss Journey

I have decided to start taking some steps to lose some unwanted pregnancy and life weight. To go along with that, I have also decided to document it through my blog. I will give an update once a week on my progress and have a picture to also document my progress.

It is something that I have been needing/wanting to do but just haven't taken the necessary steps to do so. We now live in a place that has a workout facility and now there is absolutely no reason why I can't walk the twenty steps to get on the elliptical machine! I will also be making some better eating and drinking choices as well. I have had a bad habit of drinking a coke or sweet tea EVERYDAY! Those days will be long gone for me and in their place will be water, lots and lots of water. I do have a vice of having a cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes in the evening so that will also be cut down to one small cup in the morning and more water throughout the day. I'm not a big snacker or junk food eater so cutting that out won't be an issue. As for meals, I hardly EVER eat breakfast, usually eat a not so great lunch but try to make it up with dinner by having a lean meat and veggies, well at least most of the time.

I need all kinds of encouragement and prayers because this is going to be a rough road ahead of me! Let me know if anyone would like to join in on the weight loss journey/challenge!

PS I made the choice not to list my starting out weight just because I might cry if I have to see it. :)

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