Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 1

I'm giving an update on my weight loss journey. It has been one week since I have started and as of this morning, I have lost 5 lbs!! I have been working out once and sometimes twice a day. I have been doing elliptical, running a mile on the treadmill, swimming laps in the pool, abs and arm work. I am definitely seeing my age after these workouts. I'm pooped!! I'm seeing improvements and Jeff has seen a few improvements as well. Five more days until Parker and I leave for Florida, so the true test will be how I continue with my progress while I'm in Florida surrounded by GOOD FOOD!!

You may be wondering why I just now posted my initial post about weight loss and the reason is I didn't want to fail in the first week and have this post out there! I will be out of town next Sunday so my next update will be when I return Friday July 24th. Keep wishing me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Jamie, this is awesome! If anybody can do it, it's you!! Good luck and I'm looking forward to Florida pictures!