Friday, August 29, 2008

Crazy Week!

Well, this week has been another crazy week and I don't think that it will calm down much. I finished my second week of work and Parker's second week of school. It didn't end on a great note though. Parker woke up this morning vomiting all over the joint, well mostly on me, but it was not a pretty sight. I'm guessing it is because she has been out of daycare for about six months and has been home with me instead but now we are around all of those little boogers carrying all of the germs! She started feeling much better later in the day and I'm so happy. Next week, "school" will actually start at Pinecrest. For the past two weeks, it has just been a summer schedule but now we are heading into the fall schedule and a rotation with our students. I'll be teaching Math and Science and I'm a little nervous about it. I do, however, have a lot of cool activities for them to do but I just hope they like it! Tomorrow morning, Parker and I are driving to DeQueen to visit the family for Labor Day. Jeff works all weekend so we thought it was a great time. He doesn't have to work Monday so we are heading back pretty early Monday morning so we can spend the day with him. I have a few pictures but just haven't put them on here yet. That is all for now! Have a great Labor Day!

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