Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rants and Raves

I'm in a mood where I am frustrated that I will not be in my own classroom and teaching my own students like those who received their degree in education and were able to start teaching almost immediately after graduating. Instead, I attended the University of Arkansas where they require you to be a part of their MAT or Masters in Teaching program right after you graduate and then you can start teaching. Well, what about those who can't afford to take a year of graduate courses, not work and be in a school ALL day without pay? Yes, that was the boat I was in. Two years later and I am still not teaching because of stipulation after stipulation regarding the licensure program through Arkansas. One would think that going through a degree program in education would be enough but sadly it is not in the state of Arkansas. They require extra classes and a load of crap. So instead, I'll be starting at a private school tomorrow or a glorified daycare. Here's to education and here's to the U of A!

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The Turner Family said...

I am so with you! :) I think that we will get through it though.