Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beach, Fun, and SUN!

What a relaxing week! 5 days and 6 nights of the beach, reading a good book, watching Parker play in the water and sand, good food, tons of laughs with my family, and a bit of relaxation. It was a very good week except for a minor mishap in the form of a broken collar bone due to the extremely intense waves Tuesday. The flag was red and it was red for a GOOD reason. I'm going to break up the pictures daily because there are soo many. One thing that I did notice; I am in absolutely NONE of them. Thankfully, the last night we were there we took family pictures and I am actually in a few of those. :)

Day 1: We all stumbled got out of bed about 3:00 am. Most of my family NEVER went to sleep. Might have done that five or six years ago, but definitely not at 28. Everyone was super pumped and anxious to get on the road. Parker even had a hard time going back to sleep. She was ready to go! I was anticipating on how many times Parker would ask if we were in Florida yet, and she didn't let me down. That question was asked at least every 30 miles or so. I still don't believe the concept of Florida being an actual place has resonated with her.

After 12 hours give or take of being on the road, we were FINALLY at our house and it didn't let us down either. Usually, we stay in a condo across the street from the beach that probably sleeps eight or so people. This year we found a house right on the beach that slept 12 people and maybe an extra one or two, shhh. Everyone immediately threw their suits on and headed down to the beach.

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