Tuesday, July 5, 2011

But I don't wanna go...

We spent our final day on the beach getting our last bit of sea, sand, and sun. Parker had finally had her fill of the beach and was done about half way through the day. We had been meaning to take her to the pier at least once while we were there, and decided that today was the day. We loaded up in the church van and headed to the pier. It was nice to look out into the ocean and watch everyone attempt to fish off the pier. A few people were fishing with bait that was the size of a small fish, so Parker thought they had actually caught a fish each time the reeled in their line. We had to explain over and over again that their bait was the fish and not what they caught. We were able to see someone's pretty big catch and Parker really wanted to touch it but I thought that wasn't such a great idea. (It had large teeth!)

Once we got back to the house, Jeff and I went back down to the beach with Uncle Brian and gimp wing to enjoy the last of our beach trip. It was nice having a little adult conversation while relaxing in my chair. We noticed that everyone was getting ready for our family pictures and we decided to head back and get the show on the road. Everyone was in their white and khaki and ready to take some awesome shots. We got some good group pictures, family pictures, and random pictures. Those were taken on my aunt's awesome SLR camera, so I am still waiting on those, but for the most part they turned out okay. Hopefully I can post those very soon. To hold you over until then; I'll post our pictures from our last day at the beach.

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