Thursday, June 16, 2011


Parker is attending her first vacation bible school this week and alone at that. It has been a nice vacation thing for her to do for a couple of hours. I have been very proud of her going in and sitting with her friends without chasing me out of the door. I'm happy that she is hearing more of God's word while giving me an hour or so work out,  clean or just sit.( I enjoy the last the most)

She and I have also been trying to hit the pool each day to work on our tans for Florida, but this week we have enjoyed taking afternoon naps more. When your kid asks to take a nap, you happily oblige her! Next week we will have to work really hard at developing our beach tan. Next Sunday we will be on our way to Florida and the beach. Can't wait!!

Couple of pictures from this week: She didn't want her picture taken and she thinks she is a rock star!

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