Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happenings So Far..

To be quite honest, we have been completely LAZY and useless this first week or so of summer. We have done a lot of swimming, lying around and more swimming. We have mainly just been enjoying the fact that we can sleep in and lounge around without anything to do! The only thing we have made sure to do is count down the days until we go to Florida. We are all super excited to go and now we are at 4 days until we leave! We have our new bathing suits, snacks, activities to keep us busy and excitement about going.

This past weekend was kind of a big deal in our house. Jeff's birthday was Saturday and then Father's Day was Sunday. We were hoping to make it an all about Jeff special weekend. We usually try and pick just one gift that he would like because it can get a little pricey and difficult to buy a gift for each day. He chose  a new radio/cd player whatever for his bronco, so that is what he got. Parker made sure to work hard on a birthday card and Father's day card for him (which included tons of smiley faces; her new favorite thing to draw/write). Parker and I also planned to get up Sunday before church and make him a special breakfast. We knew he liked french toast, so I we prepared it very nicely. She and I also braved making a carrot cake for him as well for his birthday. I have never made a carrot cake and was surprised at the amount of carrots that actually goes into it. She and I had a good time making it and it turned out pretty well too. I didn't take hardly any pictures but did get a shot of Parker working hard on the cake and our Father's day breakfast.

Here are a couple of pictures of all the exciting things that we have been doing this summer so far.

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