Monday, June 6, 2011

I Promise I'll Stay Caught Up

It seems that just when I am ahead on my blog; I get behind again! Hopefully this summer I will be able to keep up with the blog pretty consistently. I can not wait until I am at home for the summer!!! I have 1 more day of school until I am out for the summer and have completed one year of teaching. For the  most part it has gone extremely well and I have lost my mind learned plenty of things through a ton of trial and error. Currently I'm in the process of finding a new school to work at due to the immense of driving I have been doing to and from Pine Bluff. Interviews are slowly coming my way and hopefully something promising happens and close to home! I miss taking and picking up Parker from school and just being close to civilization!! Our family is also heading to Florida at the end of this month and I am beyond excited about that. This is the first time Jeff has been since forever ago. He hasn't been with Parker on the beach, so that will be an exciting time. Its time for me to prepare for Jeff's birthday and Father's this month as well, so there will be plenty going on! Here's to actually keeping up with my blog!

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Boni said...

Yay!! Finally!! I am so glad!