Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still kind of potty training....

We are still working hard at trying to get Parker to go potty in the actual potty but it has been some hard work. Some days she is extremely interested and others she wants nothing to do with it. She did have her first bowel movement in the potty! We were so excited and it made her all the more excited. We have bought some "big girl" panties so she can feel even more like a big girl. She is doing great with using the potty at school but once she gets home there is absolutely no interest.

Well, it seems as if I haven't posted any pictures from Easter. Totally forgot about that. When we return from Conway, I will try to make myself remember to get some of those up. Even though it rained that day there were still a few nice pictures of her dying eggs with mimi and running wild in her Easter dress.

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