Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sadness....has consumed me

Yesterday, I had to take one of the biggest steps in a long time. We made the choice to give away our cat. Before you start saying to yourself, it was a just a cat. That lovely brown and white cat had been a part of my life for about five years. I got him from my parents when he was a kitten and have had him ever since. Parker absolutely loves him and was extremely confused not to see him around the house. We were presented the opportunity to move somewhere else in Fayetteville but to do so, we had to lose the cat. I knew we would be better off living somewhere else and pet free but the decision was extremely hard. I was able to find someone and someone that I know at that to take him so that made it a tad easier. Ashley Turner(Daniel), Trenton's sister, was gracious enough to take him without really thinking about it. Hopefully I can check in on him and he won't forget me.

Next is Coco, this will be the true test. I have had her for seven years. She was my baby long before I had Parker. I know she is going to a good home too and also to someone that we know. I can check in on her too and hopefully she will still remember to snuggle up around my neck.

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