Sunday, October 12, 2008

Upcoming Week!

There isn't anything too fancy going on this week but there will be a slight change to our schedule, which I'm a little apprehensive to at the moment. Wednesday, I start my first graduate class and I'm extremely nervous about it. It is an 8 week "Diagnostics in Reading" course so I'm certain that it will be a lot of hardwork on top of everything else that I will have going for me. Now twice a week, Jeff will have to rush from his class in Fayetteville to pick Parker up from daycare in Bentonville. It will be mad for a while but hopefully we can get through it. This means that twice a week I won't get home until at least 7:30 and won't have much time to spend with Parker, :(. But on the plus side, she will get to spend more time with her daddy and I'm sure she will love that! We are finally making a family trip to DeQueen this weekend and I'm psyched about that. It is usually just Parker and I making our way down there to visit but not this weekend, I'll keep my fingers crossed just in case. We are "planning" to have family pictures taken while we are down there and I can't wait for that. We have almost zero pictures of the three of us together. Jeff has had a busy week and weekend with tests and projects that are due so we have barely seen him due to those and working A LOT! We are looking forward to our visit to Mimi, Papaw, Bubba and Marjle and hopefully seeing other awesome folks while we are there too, this means you Lacey!


lacey said...

I am looking forward to seeing you guys too!! We always have so much fun!

Molly said...

We'll be there too! We're going in to watch Kaci in homecoming. Hope to see you.

Karissa McKinley said...

I wish I had waited another week to go home! Have fun and post those family pics!