Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Potty Time!

Here lately, Jeff and I have been encouraging Parker to sit on the potty after we change her diaper and before and after she takes a bath. She knows that we "tee-tee" in the potty but she still didn't quite understand what that was yet. After few times of peeing in the floor and me saying, Oh NO! Tee-Tee in the potty, she started to slowly figure it out. Saturday night she was diaperless, of course, and started to pee but stopped and ran to her potty and finished in the potty! I was so proud of her. Jeff thought something was wrong because I was screaming like a crazy woman! I hope she just keeps getting better with it. Yesterday, unfortunately, she and I woke up feeling like garbage, noses running all over the place and wanting to nap all day so we weren't able to keep working on using the potty. Hopefully, we will start to feel better and we can get back to using the potty some more. Sorry, no pics of her on the potty just yet. Hopefully next time!

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