Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sickness and great friends...

This week the Stearns household has been filled with sickness. That time of the year, right? Sunday, Parker and I woke up feeling yucky and spent most of the day sleeping, odd for a baby, right? Monday when we woke up, we were both feeling yucky and ended up staying at home. By that night, Parker seemed to be feeling much better but I wasn't. When I got up for work on Tuesday morning, I felt worse than the day before but I trudged on to work. By 11, I couldn't stay any longer and I knew I was feeling worse and worse. By the afternoon, I was full blown feeling awful and I honestly couldn't even take care of Parker. I have NEVER been in that condition before. I was barfing in the toilet and being followed everywhere by my child. I couldn't pick her up or console her while she watched me hacking violently and began to cry uncontrollably. I felt awful but couldn't do anything. Jeff was at work and couldn' t come or the "store would have to shut down". Good thing I have an awesome friend. Mychal came right over and took Parker with her for a few hours while I tried to rest which failed to no avail. She even fed her dinner and brought her back for me. Thank you so much! I don't know what I would have done without you. Yesterday, I woke up still feeling a bit yucky but I was mostly weak from the day before and I had awful body and headaches. Finally by last night, I felt 100% except for the stuffy nose that I still have. Suprisingly enough, I wake up this morning and Parker is running a 101 degree fever and Jeff is sick! So I guess hopefully it will pass through our house and we will be done with it! Parker's children's clinic is offereing the flu vaccine in a few weeks and we will be there ready to take that in the leg. No more sickness please!!

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