Friday, September 5, 2008


Parker and Mimi

Brian, Amy and Parker
who knows?

Brian and Amy

Getting into mischief

Another shot of the dress

Parker's cute new dress

I have a few random pictures of Parker that were taken with the video camera while I was in DeQueen and before. I believe there are some pictures on the digital camera too but those will be posted soon enough. They aren't too exciting but thought someone might enjoy them!

Last weekend, Labor Day weekend, Parker and I drove down to DeQueen to visit everyone. Parker was sick Friday so I stayed home with her all day. She seemed to be feeling better by Saturday morning when we left but the sickness wasn't gone for good. She ended up throwing up everywhere in the middle of the night but my wonderful parents and brother and future sister -n- law ended up taking care of her for me while I slept. Slowly she started to get better but wasn't 100 percent. We had a small cookout Saturday as well as Sunday and it was good to see a few people. I was able to go and visit Jennifer Smith and her twins, Abbie and Zach, and they are a couple of cuties. I briefly saw my old pal, Beau, and it was nice to him too. Brian and Amy were there obviously and it was nice to see them too.

Next weekend we are off to Conway to visit the other side of the family. Cinnamon, my sister-n-law, is participating in a Triathlon next Sunday so we are going to cheer her on and hopefully celebrate my birthday in style. Maybe I'll have some exciting pictures from then!

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