Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Razorback Basketball

Friday night there was a red/white game for the Razorbacks. Jeff and I usually always try and go to the scrimmage games but since Parker it has been kind of hard. We are hoping that Parker will love basketball just as much as we do but we won't be too disappointed if she doesn't. We really knew that Parker would love seeing Big Red, Porkchop and the "girl" as Parker calls her. Of course, we were correct. She couldn't/wouldn't take her eyes off of the Razorbacks but she was really interested in the "girl. She watched her every move and was very disappointed when she went to the other side of the court. Parker had a great time running up and down the isles since there weren't very many people there. We figured she would get some good exercise in. We were able to get a few pictures of Parker with the Razorbacks and hopefully we can take her to a few basketball games this year. GO HOGS!

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