Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Carnival

Last week, Parker's school had a Halloween carnival for all of the kids to play games and have a little fun while still getting candy and prizes. Parker is a cat this year and she is so excited and will tell everyone she is a "kitty cat". She is more of a tiger cat but who cares?! The staff, which is me, had to dress up as a Disney character and in true fashion, I waited until a few days before to decide/find a costume. I wanted to make one to save money but I am creativeLESS so instead I bought a way too pricey costume. I went as Belle from Beauty in the Best with a nice BIG YELLOW dress. All the kids and staff seemed to know who I was so it wasn't a true flop. Parker had a great time but was a little confused seeing all of her teachers dressed up as funny/scary characters. Her teacher was Cruella Deville and she was not happy about. Mrs. Teresa won the costume costume so all is well. Here are a few pictures that Jeff took throughout the night.


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