Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Purple and More Purple

I'm quite behind on my blogging, but I will make an attempt to catch up since I am on SPRING BREAK!! I love saying that. During the month of February, Parker's class studied the color purple and worked with purple all month long. They usually take one day a month and dedicate it to the color of the month. The last color day I was able to go to was red and it was in..September. I am an awful mother. I took off so I could spend the day with Parker at school and help her class with their activities, snacks and play time. Parker was so proud to have me with her. She stayed by my side, showed me off to her friends and wanted to show me everything. If only my husband were that excited to have me around... ;) The kids had me read a bazillion books, and I enjoyed every second of it. I helped them create some sun catchers using paint. I had almost forgotten what it was like to work with preschool children. I wish I hadn't been reminded. Last thing that we did was go to the gym before lunch and watch them "play". It was more running around with their heads cut off throwing a ball occasionally. All good fun. 

After purple day, Parker and I went by the mall and had a little bit of Chinese for lunch. Yummy! She and I had a great day together and are working on having a wonderful Spring Break too! 

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