Thursday, September 3, 2009

Conway Visit

I has been a while since we actually went to Conway but I ended up leaving my entire camera bag there, had to wait for it to be mailed back and I have just been too lazy to get around to post any pictures from ANYTHING. So, tonight will be a post overload for sure. I guess we went to Conway about two weeks ago and had a really good time. Parker was of course into everything. Decide for yourself from this pic:
and this one
Someone thought it would be fun to sneak in the bathroom, get mommy's mascara and paint her face with it. She also had tons of concealer on as well. Let's just say she was "beautiful".

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. We celebrated Ki's birthday, Parker's cousin, at the bowling alley. We had a really great time. I was beating Jeff up until the last frame and then he pulled a win. Parker wanted to "roll the ball" but when it came time, she just chickened out. She did look super cute in her rent-a-shoes, always a delight to wear.

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