Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Wonderful World of Middle School

Well, it has almost been a full week of school and let me tell you it has been crazy. I anticipated that the first day of school would be chaotic but nothing prepared me for what I experienced on Monday. It was crazy town. I know one thing I; I went into the right profession and age group. I love those kids already. They are so funny and just wonderful to be around. I really like all of the teachers I am working with. It has been crazy but has settled down just a little bit since Monday. Right now I am in charge of two sixth grade boys who have Aspbergers, a form of Autism. They are wonderful but sometimes a little hard to control. They pretty much do and say whatever they want which can be funny. I did experience a small meltdown with one of them and that wasn't too fun. I hope the rest of the school year goes wonderful and I love my job! I can't wait to be in a school as a full time teacher!!!