Thursday, August 2, 2007

Four Month Check Up

Parker had her four month check up today even though she will be 5 months a week from today. We have such an awesome pediatrician that she stays booked up. The check up went well except for those dreaded shots. Thank goodness there were only three this time instead of the five we had before. Parker still WAS NOT happy about the shots at all. She screamed and screamed. I felt awful and useless.

The rest of the check up went well. She now weighs 14 lbs and 6 oz and she is 27 inches long. She just keeps growing and growing. Our pediatrician said she is just perfect. Which I very much agree with.

Keep me in your thoughts as I have a job interview at a middle school in Fayetteville tomorrow morning and I am super nervous. I sure hope I get it so I can say good bye to Wal-Mart for good. Well not for good I still have to shop there!

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