Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I realized that I never finished posting about my trip to NYC in NOVEMBER! Surely I have an excuse for not finishing, but I know I don't. So be prepared for a long blog. It was still the best trip I have ever taken hands down. I hope I can take more trips and cross of more things on my "bucket list".  My second day started out with us easing to the Museum of Natural History, which was pretty cool. I tried my best to plan my days by general areas and thankfully my friend, Allison, had been to NYC several times, so she was really able to help me plan it out. Central Park was very close to the museum so that is where we headed next. To say it is big is an understatement. It was beautiful and full of all kinds of people doing all kinds of things. There was a pretty big snow right before so there was snow on the ground and people ice skating in different areas of the park. Strawberry Fields was very close as well and I was amazed at the amount of people who were visiting, lying things down, and taking pictures. Still get chills. I can't even explain the  whole New York experience. When you get there you feel like you are in a different world, which I guess you are. There was still SO much to see and so much more to walk. We made our way back to The Financial District to see Wall Street, The Merrill Lynch Bull, the new World Trade Center, and the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy hit in NYC the week before our trip so it was closed. That was the biggest bummer to me since that was the ONE thing I really wanted to see while we were there. The rest of day 2 was spent soaking everything in, going into Tiffany's, Macy's (which is huge!), and FAO Schwartz, which was beyond awesome. I can't leave out some of the awesome food that was consumed while there. Hot dog from my first ever hot dog cart, BLT from Carnegie Deli, a slice of cheesecake from Juniors, and some very yummy Greek food.

Day 3 was an adventure and one I had REALLY been looking forward to. My trip to CHINA TOWN! I had really been penny pinching throughout the trip, so there would be plenty of cash to spend in China Town. I had a few things I knew I wanted to buy so we were on a mission. We walked around a bit just kind of taking it all in and being approached every fifth step by someone trying to sell us something. Before we bought anything, we decided to have lunch in China Town, which was super delicious. Wasn't too crazy about the hot tea to drink and nothing else but hey experiences, right? So after lunch it was time to get serious with shopping since we had been very timid earlier. I jumped right in and start haggling for some goods. One seller was so frazzled by the number of ladies in her "shop" she refused to help anyone. Kept telling us "I have nothing" "You go away". I guess she was scared of the cops. The process of trying to buy was probably my favorite thing. They start out with some ridiculous price, you counter with something much lower, they tell you "no", you walk away, and then you hear "okay, okay". Success! So I came out with a Coach purse and wallet, two pair of Ray Bans, and a Tiffany Co. bracelet. Pretty sure I spent around a $100 maybe a a little more. The experience was priceless! That night was spent going back to Times Square and wandering around and just really enjoying the city. I. CAN'T. WAIT. TO. GO. BACK. Next trip on my wish list is D.C.


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