Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Only Have to Drive How Many Miles...

For the past two years, I have been driving about 120 miles round trip to work. Teaching in Pine Bluff has been exhausting, stressful, and rewarding. The trip down there was long, the days seemed to be long, the years seemed long, but there were some great kids and even better coworkers. I have met some great people while teaching there. After having Caroline, and Parker about to start Kindergarten, I was ready to teach closer to home. It is pretty common knowledge that finding a job in the Benton or Bryant districts is pretty difficult. I knew I didn't want a summer like I had last year. I went to interview after interview with no such luck. This year started out pretty promising with two interviews in the Bryant district but no job offers. I was starting to get quite worried because I didn't have a job before Caroline was born, and I wasn't being called for any more interviews. Towards the middle of June, things started looking promising. I was called in for an interview with the Glen Rose School District and for a position in the Benton School District. I went for the interview with Glen Rose, had an awesome interview, and was offered the job ON THE SPOT. That has NEVER happened to me, so I was super excited. I accepted the job just in case nothing came of the Benton interview. The next day I interviewed at Benton Jr. High and had a pretty good interview with them as well. They told me I would hear something by the next week. Monday morning around 8 am, the principal called and offered me a job with their district. I was over the moon with excitement. Not only had I been offered one position, but I had been offered another. I accepted the job with Benton and can't wait to get started in August. Parker will be going to school in the same district that I am teaching and will be at the elementary right down the road! Lastly,  a great friend from  Pine Bluff got a job at the school as well, so we will be teaching together AGAIN! All so exciting and I can't wait to get the year started. I have of course been scoping Pinterest for classroom ideas and have slowly been working on projects at home. It's great to be a Benton Panther!!

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